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149. Video
Orsi B's mixed wrestling/domination
Price: 10 EUR
Length: 12 minutes
Size: 397 MB
Orsi loves scissorholds! Her favorite is headscissor as it is so efficient. She use it a lot)) And she humiliate the guy with her beutiful feet: she force him to suck her toes and her sole)) 
Great video for scissors- and for footfans))))) YOU HAVE to see how the famous Orsi break the guy's soul and body))))!!! 
148. Video
Nylon orgasms
Price: 7 EUR
Length: 7 minutes
Size: 253 MB
Antscha bought a lots of pantyhoses and she want to try them on...Transparent....And nothing under it))))) She want to see them on her toy-girl as well . She alsno not wear anything under the nylon))))
Antscha get excited from the silky material so she force the girl to worship her and than she ride her face hard))))
147. Video
Sativa"s topless slave training
Price: 9 EUR
Length: 9 minutes
Size: 326 MB
Sativa the black Godess plays with her footslave: she order him to kiss and to smell her feets, she smother him with her feet and with her ass. FOOTLOVERS THIS WILL BE FOR SURE YOUR TASTE! 
146. Video
The last milking......
Price: 7 EUR
Length: 7 minutes
Size: 229 MB
We prepared him for castration but before we have to collect his sperm for databank. After the orgasm he will be just a footslave so therefore he will not need his balls anymore)))) 
He is BONDAGED to a bench!!
145. Video
Strap-on POV 2 with Anstcha
Price: 5 EUR
Length: 6 minutes
Size: 205 MB
Do you want to know what Antscha would do with you if you meet with her? Look at that huge black strap on!! She could put into your ass!!! 
144. Video
Yvonne slavetraining
Price: 13 EUR
Length: 13 minutes
Size: 427 MB
Yvonne is fantastic trainer! YOU HAVE TO WATCH! She use him as a chair, she order him to massage her round butt and as she is satisfied so she gives him pleasure handjob))) 
143. Video
Best of Mixed wrestling!!!
Price: 16 EUR
Length: 14 minutes
Size: 475 MB
The best moments, the best holds, the best thechnik from sevearl girls from the Antscha productions 2017-2018!!  FULL OF TECHNIK, LOTS OF ACTIONS!! 
Some of them even topless or small g-string!!! 
Kyra, Aisa, Princess Nikki, Orsi B, Sativa, Mistress Amanda, Kimbra, Leona, Rage!!
142. Video
Armwrestling: Orsi B VS Potter
Price: 4 EUR
Length: 4 minutes
Size: 150 MB
Now the beautiful Orsi B shows how strong she is!!!
141. Video
Forced orgasms of the husband
Price: 10 EUR
Length: 9 minutes
Size: 304 MB
Antscha has taken the neighbour-couple because she is jealous on the wife as the husband do not want to cheat her wife. 
But Antscha want to proove that all the guys are the same: they are focused only on their dick so without love and even without will it is possible to force them to orgasms! 
140. Video
Domina contest
Price: 15 EUR
Length: 15 minutes
Size: 509 MB
2 girls has to decide who to be the domina!
So first they let themself to put in different wrestlingholds and the other has to do her best to force the other to tap! 
139. Video
BEST OF FACESITTING!!! Female vs female and mixed)
Price: 18 EUR
Length: 15 minutes
Size: 513 MB
Facesitting fans ATTENTION!!!
Ever the best collection of the facesitting movies (2017-2018) from Antscha productions! 
Style: topless, g-string, close-up view, smothering
Girls: Antscha, Princess Nikki, Rage, Sativa, Kyra, Mistress Amanda, Aisa, Orsi B
138. Video
Mixed grappling: Antscha vs Sergey
Price: 10 EUR
Length: 10 minutes
Size: 333 MB
137. Video
Armwrestling: Antscha vs Orsi B
Price: 5 EUR
Length: 5 minutes
Size: 160 MB
Armwrestling competition between 2 famous ladies!!
136, Video
The lesbian prison-guard (with Antscha)
Price: 13 EUR
Length: 11 minutes
Size: 394 MB
In the female prison during the night what should do a bored guard?.... Of couse she looks for some fun so she visit her favorite convict to get some pleasure)))
She FORCES her to LICK her 6pack, her biceps, and other parts of her body: like between the ass-cheeks and more....
135. Video
Jealous wife (Orsi is dominating a topless girl with wrestlingholds)
Price: 10 EUR
Length: 10 minutes
Size: 347 MB
Orsi visit the women who sent a hitman to her. Orsi is very angry and gives her no time , just jump on her and start to scissor her strong and long!!! GREAT ANGLES FOR SCISSOR-FANS ESPECIALLY!! 
134. Video
Mixed beatdown: Antscha vs guy
Price: 9 EUR
Length: 9 minutes
Size: 321 MB
ELEGANT FEMDOM-FILMS-FANS ATTENTION!! Stockings and nice coctail-clothes! 
Poor guy got a hard beatdown with all painfull holds)))
Strong  long headscissors, smothering with ass, scoolgirlpin, chooking , camelcluth etc etc
133. Video
Antscha vs Sergey mixed wresting with ballbusting in latex
Price: 9 EUR
Length: 9 minutes
Size: 327 MB
Mixed wrestling with a lots of technik plus ballbusting! Real torture!!! 
Scissors boston crub , facesitting and all in LATEX CATSUIT!!
132. Video
Competitive female grappling : Sativa vs Kimbra (Roxy)
Price: 11 EUR
Length: 11 minutes
Size: 373 MB
International competitive wrestling/ grappling match , no edited ! 2 famous well-trained girls fight each other!!! Lots of technik!!! 
131. Video
Sativa topless mixed wrestling
Price: 13 EUR
Length: 13 minutes
Size: 433 MB
The beautiful Sativa shows her technik against Potter. All holds are allowed! BIG TAKE-DOWNS! 
She wear only G-string!!!
130. Video
The cleaning-lady 2 (erotic female domination)
Price: 10 EUR
Length: 10 minutes
Size: 343 MB

Antscha is playing with her cleaning lady , force her to smell&massage  her ass, to kiss her feet, but as she cruel as well and still angry as the lady tried to put on her panties so the servant get headschissors and chooking too))) EXTRA SMALL G-STRING and close up view!!
129. Video
Orsi's topless facesitting on a guy
Price: 10 EUR
Length: 10 minutes
Size: 341 MB
The famous Orsi B has fun on the top of the guy : she is humping on his face, smother him long with her ass and teasing him)) TOPLESS!!
128. Video
Aisa vs Sativa female competitive grappling
Price: 11 EUR
Length: 11 minutes
Size: 370 MB
Full technik intese fight between the 2 famous ladies!!! NO EDITED!
127. Video
Orsi B : The Grappling-teacher
Price: 13 EUR
Length: 13 minutes
Size: 459 MB
Orsi B is a grapplingteacher and during the teaching she realise that the student is addected to her feet, so she gives him a lesson)))))
126. Video
The cleaning-lady (female pro style wrestling)
Price: 12 EUR
Length: 11 minutes
Size: 373 MB
Antscha's cleaning lady find her boss's g-string and as she likes it she want to try it on but Antscha catch her before she could put on the panty! 
She get therefore hard punishment!
PILEDRIVER, HEADSCISSORS, FIGURE4, SMOTHERING, camelclutch, hairpulling, armbar, chooking with feet and ankles, nelson, rear naked chooking!
125. Video
Antscha's dog
Price: 10 EUR
Length: 10 minutes
Size: 332 MB
Antscha gives training to her new foot-slave))) CLOSE -UP VIEW
124. Video
Sativa"s topless mixed wrestling and foot- domination
Price: 10 EUR
Length: 10 minutes
Size: 351 MB
Sativa got the full beated competitior as a present , she took him home and play with him, shows him where is his place: UNDER  HER FANTASTIC BOTTOM, UNDER HER SMELLING FEET!!
Hard headsiccors, FORCED toes-sucking and foot-smelling, LONG FACESITTINGS IN EXTRA SMALL G-STRING!! 
123. Video
Orsi B tortures the hitman with facesitting and scissors
Price: 10 EUR
Length: 11 minutes
Size: 371 MB
Orsi is still angry on the hitman who is still bondaged so she continue his torture:)
And she  has got some efficient technik))
Like: long and hard facesitting /smothering,   chooking with ankles,   headscissors,   smothering with feet
122. Video
Sativa"s topless hot facesitting on a guy
Price: 13 EUR
Length: 13 minutes
Size: 443 MB
Schoolgirl-pin, FULL-WEIGHT-FACESITTING, reverse and front!!! Wow!! YOU MUST SEE!!!
121. Video
Orsi B beats up the hitman (mixed beatdown)
Price: 10 EUR
Length: 10 minutes
Size: 350 MB
A hitman broke into Orsi"s home but fortunetly Orsi see him from the mirror so he can not surprise her. But She surprise him with a BIG KICK and LOTS OF HARD KICKING + PUNCHING , full beatdown,  HEADSCISSORS,  ARMLOCKS, ARMBAR, BOSTON CRUB, amleclutch, trampling on head!! BALL TRAMPLING, surfboard!!
Simply a must-see video where the well-known Orsi B proove how hard she can be if she angry!!! 
2 vs 1!! 2 guys against Antscha competitive mixed wrestling
Price: 10 EUR
Length: 10 minutes
Size: 828 MB
Antscha is fighting against 2 guys at the same time!! COMPETIVE!!!
Full action movie!!! All holds are allowed!! 
119. Video
Sativa's hostage
Price: 11 EUR
Length: 11 minutes
Size: 371 MB
Sativa has taken a wife of a rich man to get ransom and she want to proove to the husband that she is serious so she do a video to him to make him afraidthat he might loose his wife if he not pay.
So Sativa torture the girl for the video: chooking with ankle, camelclutch, armbar where she has to kiss Satuva's feet, chooking with feet, piledriver, reverse headscissor. 
The girl is totaly afraid!
118. Video
Blue bikini facesitting with Antscha on a guy
Price: 13 EUR
Length: 13 minutes
Size: 451 MB
Antscha loves to smother with her round ass and with her pussy))) Watch her))) And her favorite hold: reverse figure4 on head combinated with ass-smothering from which is no way to come out))))
She rides his face and smother him long long long while makes him excited by stroking his dick than to make him harder: she force him to lick her sweaty ass))) And as she cruel is: let him down simply on the bed))) 
117. Video
Princess Nikki"s scissors on a guy
Price: 10 EUR
Length: 10 minutes
Size: 346 MB
The incredible Princess Nicky is in action!!! WOW!!!! The audience watched it with open mound))) WOW!!
HOT !! She is so talent and so dominant!!! Hard to decide if the slave should be happy or rather cry from pain))
The guy has such a red face at the end like Nikki's g-string))))
116. Video
Mixed competitive wrestling with Antscha in judo-GI
Price: 12 EUR
Length: 12 minutes
Size: 426 MB
Full intense NO-EDITED fight! All BJJ techniks are allowed!! STARTING FROM STANDING! Take downs! 
115. Video
Sativa"s lezdom orgasms
Price: 10 EUR
Length: 9 minutes
Size: 318 MB
Sativa has taken a wife of a rich man as a hostage. Waiting for the ransom, she play with the wife))) Sativa is very dominant!!
She force the wife to kiss her feet and if she is not satisfied than she scissor her head!! SHe smother her with her nice bottom and it makes her so excited that she start to ride her face until a long orgasms. 
Both are wearing just g-string!!! VERY HOT VIDEO!!!! Full erotic!! CLOSE UP VIEWS
114. Video
Armwrestling Kyra vs Sativa
Price: 5 EUR
Length: 5 minutes
Size: 168 MB
Competition between Sativa and Kyra! Who is stronger? 
113. Video
Kyra demonstrates her skills ( FBB girl tortures a toples girl with wrestlingholds)
Price: 10 EUR
Length: 10 minutes
Size: 358 MB
Kyra want to work for Antscha so she has to proove her skills on a topless slave-girl))
Piledrivers, long long reverse-scissors on head, figure4, boston crab, camelclutch, front headscissors!!
112. Video
Kyra vs Aisa competitive female grappling match
Price: 11 EUR
Length: 11 minutes
Size: 384 MB
The FBB girl Kyra is fighting with the muscular Aisa. Exciting match where both of them want to win. Lot of positions and full with actions! 
Lots of techniks! 
111. Video
Armwrestling competition : Aisa vs Sativa
Price: 5 EUR
Length: 5 minutes
Size: 164 MB
The 2 famous ladies compair their power! 
110. Video
Antscha's underwears
Price: 13 EUR
Length: 30 minutes
Size: 1006 MB
Antscha loves shopping so she bought a plenty of very beautifuly G-STRINGS , other type of panties and bras and of course she must to try all of them IN FRONT OF YOU)))   ENJOY THE DRESS_SHOW)))) 
109. Video
Tanned facesitting with Antscha
Price: 14 EUR
Length: 14 minutes
Size: 461 MB
Summer arrived and after sunbathing Antscha goes home and find her slave as she left him:  bondaged to the bed)))
She jump on his face smother him long with her ass and does FULL WEIGHT FACESITTING)
Than she order him to lick her sweaty ass after the sunbathing)))) But it makes him excited so she start to make it him even more difficult: she strokes his dick and than after a while she leave him just like that full excited  but not finished)))) 
108. Video
Amanda and Antscha on a girl / toples domination with wrestlingholds
Price: 10 EUR
Length: 10 minutes
Size: 340 MB
What happen if 2 dominant ladies play with a girl?))) A lots of things)): 
Facesitting footkissing scissors DOUBLE-FACESITTING, 4 feet on face, 2 ass on face, figure4, ass-kissing and all combinations of these: forced footkissing in scissors etc etc))) 
Real sexy film where the girls are toples and wear small g-string))) SIMPLY YOU MUST SEE HOW THE 2 LADIES RIDE THE GIRL'S FACE AT THE SAME TIME))) 
107. Video
Antscha vs topless girl female pro-wrestling
Price: 10 EUR
Length: 10 minutes
Size: 358 MB
There is a new girl in the gym who never saw Antscha before...Mistake...Antscha introduce herself to the newcomer!
HEADSCISSORS, figure4, BOSTONCRUB, grapewine, ARMBAR, chooking, PILEDRIVER, bodyscissors, CAMELCLUTCH, armlock!!!!
Simply you have to see how deep is the girl's head trapped between 'Antscha's tights and listen how the girl is screaming by piledriver!
106. Video
Mixed competitive wrestling: Kimbra (Roxy) vs Thomas
Price: 15 EUR
Length: 16 minutes
Size: 540 MB
Our well know strong Kimbra fight this time with  a very strong guy who has no technik but he is very proud so he does not give up easily! ALL BJJ techniks are allowed !
Full actions unedited competitive fight! 
105. Video
Kyra is dominating a girl with wrestlingholds
Price: 7 EUR
Length: 8 minutes
Size: 278 MB
Kyra is playing with her TOPLES toy-girl: she has to kiss her mistress feet, but as she is not very keen so Kyra punish her with long HEAD-SCISSROS, SCOOLGIRL-PIN, and FACESITTING
104. Video
Amanda's lesdom topless session
Price: 11 EUR
Length: 11 minutes
Size: 388 MB
The beautiful Amanda has a footslave-girl who is addicted to her misterss's FEET so she is kissing it happily. But Amanda is mean so she catch her to SCISSORS and if it would have been not enough than she gives  her LONG FACESITTING as well))
Both are TOPLESS and wear only an EXTRA -SMALL G-STRING))
103. Video
Armwrestling: Aisa vs Kyra (FBB girl)
Price: 5 EUR
Length: 5 minutes
Size: 164 MB
It is never enough from BIG BICEPS!!! Here is the next competition between 2 strong ladies! 
102. Video
Female competitive grappling match Kyra vs Princess Nikki
Price: 10 EUR
Length: 10 minutes
Size: 356 MB
The FBB girl Kyra chalenge Princess Nikki to a competitive wrestling session. Let's see who win! Kyra is extrem strong, Nikki has plenty of technik and very fast!!. 10 min pure intense fight with all BJJ holds: ARMBAR,CHOOKING, SCISSORS, etc etc. and pins are also allowed.
101. Video
Sativa's scissors on a guy (mixed)
Price: 11  EUR
Length: 11 minutes
Size: 374 MB
Sativa has very strong legs which she like to use especially around guy's neck)))
She squeeze his neck hard and if it would be not enough than she chookes him with her ankle as well. He suffer a lot , almost KO))
100. Video
Amanda"s toples wrestling with a girl
Price: 10 EUR
Length: 10 minutes
Size: 352 MB
VERY HOT VIDEO with the newcomer- Amanda!!
She is a real fire-temperament-girl! She just simply jump on her partner and simply floor her to the mat!
99. Video
Roundabout (female competitive wrestling with 4 girls)
Price: 11 EUR
Length: 11 minutes
Size: 366 MB
4 girls take part and wrestle with each other after one by one. Competitive and everybody wrestle with everybody. Rapid and furious fightings, attacks! 
Girls: Aisa, Princess Nikki, Sativa, Kyra
98. Video
Armwrestling: with Kimbra vs guy. (mixed competition)
Price: 4 EUR
Length: 4 minutes
Size: 128 MB
It is a hard competition between Kimbra and a strong a guy. Pure muscles!!
97. Video
Sativa catches a burgler (mixed toples fighting)
Price: 11 EUR
Length: 11 minutes
Size: 370 MB
Sativa is taking shower as she hear a noise. She run out of the bathroom and discover a burgler, but she is not afraid: she catch him and BEAT HIM UP HARDLY!!     She wear only just an EXTRA SMALL G-STRING!!
KICKING punching, and all GRAPPLING-TECHNIK: scissors, armbar, chooking. As the burgler is already tired he get FACESITTING and chooking with feet and SMOTHERING with FEET.      IT IS A MUST-SEE VIDEO!!! 
96. Video
Bondaged footslave-girl 2.
Price: 6 EUR
Length: 7 minutes
Size: 246 MB
Antscha weaks up her tied slave who is addicted to her mistress's feet and beg for it. The girl is so happy to kiss and smell the feets that she gets excited))) Antscha realise this and gives her a feetjob while she has to kiss and smell the feets )))
But the mistress is sadistic so after her orgasms she catch her neck in long scissors until she is KO) CLOSE UP VIEWS
95. Video
Amanda rules (toples footdomination)
Price: 11 EUR
Length: 11 minutes
Size: 361 MB
Foot lovers attention!!  The new wonderful Amanda is in action! She got a new slave and  she train him how to serve her mistress with footkissing footworship
and if she is not satisfied than she scissor his head or sit on his face or just simply tramp on him or gives him faceslepping with feet! )) He has TO SUCK HER TOES as well.  
94. Video
Erotic tatami lesson
Price: 8 EUR
Length: 8 minutes
Size: 261 MB
Antscha gives lesson to her new toy-girl)
She get PILEDRIVERS until KO and FACESITTING , HEADSCISSORS until KO and as she is already exhausted after ass-smothering  ,she start to beg for mercy and she promise to do everything, so Antscha use the situation and force her to worship her bottom))))
93. Video
Mixed Facesitting with Aisa
Price: 10 EUR
Length: 10 minutes
Size: 359 MB
Do you want to see how does it looks like a facesitting session with Aisa?:) Than watch it how she put her beautiful ass on the guy's face and sit on him long long)) She enjoy her power and dominant position! CLOSE UP VIEWS!!  You have the feeling you could kiss her ass) 
92. Video
Mixed Lift and Carry with the FBB girl Kyra
Price: 8 EUR
Length: 8 minutes
Size: 265 MB
Do you like the strong womens? 
Do you like female muscles?)) Ohh yes of course) 
Than watch how easily Kyra lift up this guy and walking with him! She is doing even exercises with him on her shoulder! 

91. Video

Amanda's rough toples facesitting

Price: 11 EUR
Length: 11 minutes
Size: 374 MB

Amanda has fun on a guy, she is doing cowgirl-riding on his face , smothering him with her wonderfull ass and simply you have to see how her BIG BOOBS moving by humping))) TOPLESS and she wear G-STRING))) CLOSE UP VIEWS!!!!!

90. Video
Hunter 2 ( Kyra the FBB girl and Antscha tortures a bondaged guy)
Price: 7 EUR
Length: 7 minutes
Size: 592 MB
Kyra bring the prisoner to her boss who is angry and teach him where is his place! UNDER THEIR FOOT!The strong Kyra force him to smell , kiss and lick Antscha's feet.
4 neat women feet , colored foot-nails: all these on his face and IN HIS MOUNTH)  The helpless naked bondaged guy can not fend his dick from their feet))) He scream but who care:) 
89. Video
Mixed wrestling: with the FBB girl : Kyra
Price: 8 EUR
Length: 8 minutes
Size: 290 MB
Full competitive unedited grappling match! Lots of technik: Scissors, chooking, ARMBAR, grapvine, HEADLOCK! 
This is a real MUST-SEE video! 
88. Video
Mixed Bearhug with the FBB girl: Kyra
Price: 6 EUR
Length: 6 minutes
Size: 220 MB
The FBB girl Kyra is in the gym and posing in front of the mirror as the guy comes in. Kyra is in good condition and to proove it she squeeze the breath from Potter! Pure guy suffer a lot from the lack of air but she continue with FULL NELSON and as she likes the view so she finish him with CHOOKING! 
87. Video
Mixed facesitting with Princess Nikki
Price: 10 EUR
Length: 10 minutes
Size: 328 MB
The rightly famous Princess Nikki dominate a guy, smother him with her round butt and enjoy to humiliate him with words as well)) CLOSE UP VIEW!! and she wear of course a nice G-STRING)))
86. Video
Kyra's slave (mixed torture : 2 girls against a guy)
Price: 8 EUR
Length: 8 minutes
Size: 278 MB
The taken guy is kneeling in front of the strong bodyguard Kyra and is afraid seeing her impessive muscles! 
Than the torture starts: SCISSORS, FACESITTING and FORCES TOES SUCKING, FOOT LICKING as the angry Antscha arrives . SHe join to her bodyguard by making suffer the ex-runaway prisoner. 
85. Video
Kyra (FBB girl) is facesitting on a guy
Price: 9 EUR
Length: 10 minutes
Size: 334 MB
Kyra has a wonderfull muscular body and she loves to dominate guys , she enjoyy to smother guys with her fantastic butt. She just sit on this guy as well as he would be just a human furniture for her. CLOSE UP VIEWS!!! 
If you love MUSCULAR GIRLS than you have to watch this movie)))
84. Video
Hunter (mixed beatdown wrestling with Kyra the FBB girl)
Price: 9 EUR
Length: 9 minutes
Size: 311 MB
Antscha had a prisoner but he broke out so she send her best hunter (Kyra) after him. 
Kyra beat the guy totaly: with kicking , punching and on the floor is no mercy for him: lots of SCISSORS, CHOOKING and also PILEDRIVER. After a while she bondage him and she force him to SUCK her TOES while she is calling her boss toll : the job is done. 
83. Video
Double Pin-Girls 2 (2 girls on a guy)
Price: 10 EUR
Length: 10 minutes
Size: 326 MB
Antscha and her girlfriend have fun on a guy))) The experienced wrestler shows her how to do SCOOLGIRLPINS and FACESITTING. 
2 beautiful girls enjoy their supremacy. 
82. Video
Aisa's mixed competitive grappling (mixed wrestling)
Price: 8 EUR
Length: 8 minutes
Size: 273 MB
Aisa built up a lots of muscles and also learned new bjj techniks. She try it on a guy and of course the guy fight back! 
All bjj holds are alowed. Submission wrestling! FULL COMPETITIVE ! 
81. Video
Armwrestling Princess Nikki vs a guy
Price: 5 EUR
Length: 5 minutes
Size: 180 MB
Let"s see who is better in armwrestling competition: Princess Nikki or the guy? Pure muscles!
80. Video
Armwrestling Nikki vs Antscha
Price: 5 EUR
Length: 5 minutes
Size: 169 MB
This time Princess Nikki and Antscha compare their power with each other!
79. Video
The Godmother 1.
Price: 9 EUR
Length: 9 minutes
Size: 296 MB
A guy owes to Antscha with a lot of money and he can not give it back so he begs for some more time: Princess Nikki as a bodyguard keep him at bay while the boss play with the looser guy. FOOT LICKING, FORCED KISSING, SMELLING. 
78. Video
Mixed fight with Princess Nikki
Price: 9 EUR
Length: 9 minutes
Size: 309 MB
Princess Nikki learned some new holds and now she try them. But the guy do not want to give up , he fight back! INTENSE MIXED wrestling with BJJ holds! 
77. Video
Rough mixed facesitting by Princess Nikki
Price: 10 EUR
Length: 10 minutes
Size: 346 MB
Nikki has got a wonderfull butt , so it is hard to decide if it is a torture or a dream for a guy to be smothered with it)))) 
She enjoy the time on the top of the guy and she smother him with her round bottom)) Long pure facesitting) 
76. Video
Mixed Bearhug by Princess Nikki
Price: 6 EUR
Length: 6 minutes
Size: 197 MB
Bearhug competition! A guy vs Princess Nikki. First the guy but she is just laughing at him. Than change:
He suffer a lot , Nikki even LIFT him up and walk with him! As he fall on his knee Nikki catch him in FULL NELSON and at the end she finish him with long long CHOOKING until he is knocked out. CLOSE UP VIEW!
75. Video

Antscha's mixed bearhug

Price: 6 EUR

Length: 6 minutes

Size: 222 MB

Antscha prooves how strong is she!

She squeeze the guy"s ripps so strong that he get hampered respiration! She walks with him easily while she is pushing his chest stronger and stronger like an !

Than he get full nelson until he beg and a long rare nacked chooking until he collaps and knocked out! 

74. Video

Princess Nikki's trampling on a guy

Price: 10 EUR

Length: 9 minutes

Size: 306 MB

Princess Nikki has a bondaged slave in her dungeon. What she can do with him? Of course to torture! Hard TRAMPLING on FACE and on BODY! scissors and the suffocating figure4 on his head: not only painfull hold but also hard for him to breath! Watch how disappear his head under Nikkis's wonderfull ass! 

She force him also to suck her toes and feet until deep troath! A LOTS OF CLOSE UP VIEW with feets and bottom. 

73. Video

Antscha tortures a guy (mixed fighting)

Price: 12 EUR

Length: 14 minutes

Size: 462 MB

Antscha likes to play the cat-maus game: now she has a got a new toy: a blindfolded guy get kicked and punched until he collapse but not enought: kneeling into face until he is knocked out. He get a special surprise  wake up)) Than several PRO-STYLE PILEDRIVERS! Poor guy falls on his head!

But the torture continues: LOTS OF REVERSE SCISSORS, FACESITTING , FIGURE4, and FACE TRAMPLING and foot smothering until he beg for mercy with FOOT LICKING.

Of course LOTS OF CLOSE UP VIEW and Antscha wear G-STRING))) 

72. Video

Scissorgirl (Antscha vs a BBW girl)

Price: 13 EUR

Length: 17 minutes

Size: 581 MB

Antscha has a new fat slavegirl with huge boobs!!

She loves to torture her with HEADSCISSORS) The girl beg for mercy she even LICK her mistress's FEET & ASS but no amnesty: she is too fat so she deserve just pain until she is knocked out.


71. Video

Footkissing (Antscha tortures a girl)

Price: 13 EUR

Length: 16 minutes

Size: 536 MB


Antscha has a new slave who is already handcuffed behind her back, lying on her stomach. Both are wearing only a small G-STRING)) 

The girl is totally addicted to the feets of Antscha and she wants to kiss it,  she has to CRAWL AFTER THE FEETS. LOTS OF CLOSE UP VIEW to the feets and TO THE BUTTS as well!!

Of course the dominant lady enjoy this situation so she also chookes her slave with ankles and with her foot ...until she is knocked out...

70. Video

Wrestling Coach (female wrestling with Antscha)

Price: 12 EUR
Length: 12 minutes
Size: 397 MB
Antscha is a wrestling coach and a girl would like to take her job so it is a reason to fight for it! PRO-STYLE HOLDS: PILEDRIVERS!!
Lots of SCISSORS and figure4! CLOSE UP VIEW! 
Both girls wear G-STRING! And the looser get facesitting! 
69. Video
Rage vs Potter mixed competitive wrestling/ grappling
Price: 13 EUR
Length: 15 minutes
Size: 525 MB
This is a must-see mixed fight! The young talent czech Rage fight with Potter. He do not want to loose at all! He fight back hard and he is even sometimes on the top! 
But Rage is very flexible and knows a lot of brilliant technik. Let"s see if she can escape from his holds or not. PURE REAL FIGHT, NO SCRIPTED! Let's win the better! 
68. Video
Mixed Lift and Carry by ANtscha (she is lifting a guy) 
Price: 9 EUR
Length: 10 minutes
Size: 336 MB
In this movie shows Antscha how strong is she in fact! She can easily lift and carry a guy who is THE SAME WEIGHT! Antscha is 60 kg 132 pounds and the guy 62 kg 137 pounds!!
She use the guy as a training sack! She does even squats with him on her shoulder! WOW! Pure power! 
She humiliate the guy with her power.
67. Video
Mixed wrestling in stocking with Antscha
Price: 12 EUR
Length: 17 minutes
Size: 595 MB
A guy think that Antscha is weak just because she is blond and elegant and in higheels. So they go to the mat and she shows her technik repertoir: SCISSORS ARMBARS CHOOKING etc so it is a real grappling match but in STOCKINGS 
He get what he deserve:) 
66. Video
Price: 6 EUR
Length: 7 minutes
Size: 260 MB
Muscle-fans attention:
A wonderfull BODYBUILDER girl shows her muscular body to Antscha to prove how stong is she. Than she chalanges Antscha to ARMWRESTLING and a bearhug competition . The bodybulder girl is incredible strong: even by chooking she still shows her muscles! 
65. Video
Rage's Rule
Price: 13 EUR
Length: 16 minutes
Size: 527 MB
Who likes here the nice barfeets? I know you do!) Than here is a film for you: LOTS OF CLOSE-UP VIEW!!
The czech girl Rage shows how dominant is she! She order her male slave to massage her fantastic butt with oil but as she is not satisfied with him, so she scissors him merciless!
The poor guy try to give her pleasure with footworship, SUCK and LICK  HER TOES but Rage is too cruel so she start to smother him long with her bottom until he knock out.
64. Video
2 Mixed armwrestling: Rage vs guy and Antscha vs guy
Price: 8 EUR
Length: 8 minutes
Size: 278 MB
Muscle-fans attention! Who want to see big biceps? Than here is: 
The new girl: Rage from Czech republic chalange a guy to armwrestle .Let"s see who win! 
Interesting moments with Antscha as well who try her power against the guy too! Great biceps-competition! 
63. Video
Mixed wrestling with ball torture by Antscha
Price: 12 EUR
Length: 18 minutes
Size: 621 MB
Wow this is cruel) Nipple-pinching while you are already in a scissors?
Your head and your balls are squeezed at the same time and you can not breath as Antscha's ass is on your face and if it would be not enough than balltorture, bellypunching as well? 
Rib-breaking scissors and pulled balls at the same time? Is there something which could make the situation even worst? ohh yess!!! BONDAGE! The helpless guy get rought facesitting and scissors and he has no hand to defend himself)))) 
Totally torture))) 

62. Video

Mixed wrestling and punishment by Rage
Price: 13 EUR
Length: 17 minutes
Size: 576 MB
Rage is in action! She is boxing kicking the blindfolded poor guy who collapse after a while but Rage is sadistic:  she squeeze his head, sit on his face , smother him with her butt and torture him with her figure4))
The looser guy try to beg for mercy he LICK and SUCK her TOES , kiss her feet but she is cruel and overpower , defeate him totaly and enjoy her victory at the end with posing. LOTS OF CLOSE UP VIEW!!!

61. Video

Armwrestling:  Aisa vs Princess Nikki

Length: 6 minutes

Size: 194 MB

Price: 6 eur 

The 2 ladies were already waiting for this to know who is stronger from between them. Both of them want to win and will not give easily herself! Close up view! Competition! 


60. Video

Poker 2 (Aisa & Antscha dominate a guy)

Length: 10 minutes

Size: 336 MB

Price: 10 eur

After the poker let the girls him im room and told him to clean up the mess but as he is bondaged  he could not do it. This is a brilliant reason for punishment )) )The girls arrive and force him to kiss , smell, worship, lick their shoes and later on their barefeet.

He has to suck the toes as well.

He get long and strong headscissors, ass smothering , DOUBLE FACESITTING, 4 feets in his mouth, figure4 and trampling as well) 



59. Video

Poker (Aisa & Antscha vs a guy beatdown)

Length: 9 minutes

Size: 323 MB

Price: 9 eur


Aisa Antscha and Potter are playing poker but Potter cheated to win and Aisa discover this! The 2 girls jump on the guy and beat the out of him! 

No rules!  All holds (LEGLOCK, BOSTON CRAB, CAMEL CLUTCH, ARMBAR, FIGURE4, SCISSORS, ARMLOCK etc etc)  and kicking punching kneeling SMOTHERING BALLBUSTING are also inculded))) 

Everything what 2 girls can do with a cheating guy))) And some more: facesitting, forced foot smelling, scoolgirlpin! At the end they wrap him up in kitchen folie))))   AND the extra: LOTS OF CLOSE UP VIEW!!!!  


58. Video

Armwrestling: Aisa vs guy

Length: 5 minutes

Size: 187 MB

Price: 5 eur

Aisa is doing a lot of training and now she try her new biceps against a guy! CLOSE UP VIEWS! 


57. Video
Mixed Facesitting with Kyra the FBB girl
Length: 10 minutes
Size: 351 MB
Price: 10 eur 
Kyra dominate this guy with her steel-hard bottom) The g-string suits to her full muscular body so great , that you have to watch it)
56. Video
Aisa dominate a guy
Length: 8 minutes
Size: 284 MB
Price: 8 eur 
Aisa bought a guy for her own pleasure and fun as she love to toture guys with her fantastic butt and she also enjoy if a guy kiss and massage her feet and if she is not satisfied than she SCISSOR him and SMOTHER him WITH HER ASS))) he has to SUCK HER TOES he has to kiss her butt as well. 
55. Video
Mixed armwrestling with Kyra the FBB girl
Length: 5 minutes
Size: 456 MB
Price: 5 eur 
The very strong female bodybuilder Kyra invite a guy for armwrestling competition. 
Beautiful biceps huge muscle arms)) Close up view! 
54. Video
Antscha's mixed facesitting
Length: 11 minutes
Size: 386 MB
Price: 11 eur 
Real hotel session feeling! Antscha jump on a guy and smother him long long with her hard bottom)))
Hard to decide wether the guy suffer or enjoy it)) 
53. Video
Amanda's mixed topless wrestling
Length: 14 minutes
Size: 463 MB
Price: 14 eur 
Potter drunk Amanda"s refresshment so she got angry and jump on him!
She use all her technik: front and reverse HEADSCISSORS, GRAPEVINE, SCOOLGIRL PIN, HEADLOCK, CAMEL CLUTCH and she also smother him with her big boobs. 
Ohh and the best thing: She wear only a G-string))) Nothing else)) 
52. Video
Bondaged foot-slavegirl 1.
Length: 7 minutes
Size: 242 MB
Price: 7 eur 
Antscha"s slavegirl is bondaged helpless to a bench: she can't move her hand neither her legs.
Her mistress arrives with a big strap on and threat her: either she worship her feet or she get the big strap-on into her pussy. The girl prefer the feet , she even beg for them))) But she has to deserve it: First suffer: in SCISSOR! 
Hard footsmothering until KO! LOTS OF EXTRA-CLOSE UP VEWS!!!!
Higheel boots in the begining than barefeet, and both of them wear nice G-STRING)

51. Video 

Tickling2 (Amanda is tickled by Antscha)
Length: 10 minutes
Size: 346 MB
Price: 10 eur
Sexy hot video!!
The 2 girls play a new foreplay-game)) 
It is so exciting to see how Amanda's big boobs are shaking while she is laughing))) 

​Special-Edition: Las-Vegas Serial

1. Film: Antscha vs. Dragon Lily 18€                   20min./834MB

Ein Full-Competitive Kampf um die Entscheidung wer der Boss ist. 20 Minuten intensiver Kampf zwischen 2 Vollblut-Amazonen um die Vorherrschaft in der Szene.

2. Film: Dragon-Lily´s Bestrafung  14€               15min./ 396MB

Harte Abstrafung von Dragon Lily durch Antscha! Sie wird wie ein Tier behandelt und dominiert!

3. Film: Freundschaftliches Training 10€              20min./ 672MB

Semi-Competitive Kampf zwischen 2 Diva´s! Hier üben beide ihre große Anzahl von Wrestling-Techniken und ihre Lieblings-Griffe.

4. Film: Antscha vs. Dragon + Tomiko 16€           20min./ 647MB

Eine echte Herausforderung für Antscha in diesem 20 Minuten Kampf!!! Dragon Lily + Tomiko als Team gegen Antscha... Atemberaubende Aktionen von Antscha in diesem Kampf...!

50. Video: Sratching 12€ / 18,12min. / 609MB                                                                                       A guy think he is stong but he has to realise very soon : he is not) Antscha the famous wrestler immobilise him and than she starts to play with him the cat and maus game) He is squirming helplessly in the deadly strong holds. But Antscha is very cruel so she scrathes him at his armpits and on his face on his balls and on his worm-body)))                                                                Der Wurm denkt er wäre stark, aber Antscha zeigt ihm ganz klar & deutlich das er das nur denkt... Schnell wird ihm klar auf was er sich da Eingelassen hat. Antscha spielt Katze & Maus und er stöhnt hilflos unter ihren gemeinen Kratz-Attacken. Antscha genießt es richtig, das kann man sehen:-)))

49. Video: Tickling 12€ / 15,17min. / 511MB                                                                                          2 girlfriend decided to try something very new for both of them : ticking as a foreplay) A lot of laugh and real good mood)

​48. Video: Rough Facesitting 10€                      17min./586MB

The unsuspicious was brave enough to lie down on Antscha's bed, so the angry amazon punished him for this as she discover this mistake.)) She gives him hard facesitting. head figure4 and scissors and also pin him in scoolgirlpin


​47. Video: Sativa vs Antscha Competitive 19€ 28min./938MB

2 highly skilled amazon on the mat!! full competitive all holds allowed very technikal match! here is important not only the power but also the technik , the tactic and the endurance as it is a long match! 27 min! armbars chookings scissors etc.

​2 sehr erfahrene Amazonen auf der Matte! Full-Comp. mit allen Techniken... Ein technisches Feuerwerk mit vielen verschiedenen Griffen über fast 28min.!!! Hier Entscheidet Asdauer, Taktik, Durchhaltevermögen und der Wille über Sieg oder Niederlage...



46.Video: Sativa vs Antscha Comp. DWW-Style 15€ 15min./508MB

Scissors fan attention! The young powerfull Sativa chalenge Antscha in DWW style match. rules: only scissors, headlock, pins, nelson. Who is the better?

​Scissor-Fans Aufgepasst! Die junge starke Sativa fordert Antscha in einem Matchnach DWW-Regeln heraus! Die Regeln: Nur Beinscheren, Kopfklammern, Pins und Nelsons sind erlaubt! Wer ist die bessere?

​45. Video: Armwestling Sativa vs. Antscha 4€ 3,5min/121MB

Sativa from London visited Budapest!! She chalanged Antscha to an armwrestling session. The 2 muscular women try their power against each other.

​Sativa aus London besuchte Budapest. Sie fordert Antscha zu einem Armdrücken. Die 2 musklösen Frauen versuchen sich gegenseitig zu besiegen.


​44. Video: Doubble Schoolgirl-Pin 7€ Approx.7min./243MB

It is for sure a dream of a guy to be dominated by 2 hot girls at the same time) Sexy domination movie with Rea a new girl and with Antscha. Imagine yourself in the place of the guy in the movie))) Under hard bottoms and between strong thighs))) 


​43. Video Revenge: Mixed Wrestling with Antscha 17€ 23min./790MB

Competitve mixed wrestling where the guy cheated which made Antscha very angry. He get at the end what he deserve from the cruel amazon!!!



​42. Video: Leonas Lover 15€ Approx.21min./690MB

wrestling can be not only just hard tiring sport... sometimes foreplay)) 2 girls who trained a lot together and they know each other already from wrestling would like to discover more each bodies) 



​41. Video: Leonas Grapplng Comp.-Mixed 16€ Approx. 18min./588MB

The magnetic Leona shows her wrestling technic against a guy who has no skills. Who never tried this sport, can be very much surprised how tiring can be 15min.... Do you not believe? Than watch it and than try it! 



​40.Video: Dragonlily vs Antscha Catfight 18€ Approx. 24min./796MB

Catfight-fans watch here))) The famos Dragonlily this time get more angry , therefore chalange Antscha for a match-type which is new for the hungarian amazon. A lot of emotions , smackers and bellypunching. Wow! Do not miss this match out! REALTIME movie !! Intense full fight , competitive match.


39. Video: Orsi B vs. Dragon-Lily Comp.-Catfight 18€ 24,5min/834MB

2 famous fither girls meet on the mat for an AGRESSIVE  all holds allowed CATFIGHT. PUNCHING SLAPPING and HAIRPULLING and BJJ holds! Pins are also allowed) You simply MUST watch this hot COMPETITIVE fight!


​38. Video: Tomiko vs. Antscha Topless Competitive-Catfight 15€   20min./674MB

Catfight-fans attention! Here is an international fight between Tomiko from the States and Antscha from Hungary. Wild ,hot topless competitive wrestling almost without rules:  all bjj holds,  pins , slapping and even punching are allowed. You have to see this match ))) REALTIME movie))) 20 min pure intense fight!!! 




​37. Video: Kimbra Mixedwrestling 10€ Approx.15min./492MB

The deserved popular Kimbra alias Roxy in action. She demostrate her power this time a guy. But he is proud. He do not want to give himself easy. He fight back!

Die gerechte und bekannte Kimbra alias Roxy in Aktion. Sie demonstriert ihre Kraft diesmal gegen einen stolzen Mann, der sich wehrt! Er will nicht einfach Aufgeben...

​36. Video: Armwrestling 3 just 13€ Approx.16min./543MB

Armwrestling-Competition with 3 girls. Antscha next try against Kyra the very strong bodybuilder. Also a new girl Kata try her power against Kyra and Antscha as well.



35. Video: Armwrestling 2 just 15€         Approx.17min./ 545MB

Attention Muscle-Fans: Pure muscles!!! A new bodybuilder Sasha chalange the great Kyra. Wow! who is the best biceps-wowner? Sasha for a warming-up to the big chalange with Kyra she armwrestle first with Antscha. And at the end Antscha want never give up so she try again with Kyra)

Muskel-Fans Aufgepasst!!!​ Pure Muskeln!!! Die neue Body-Builderin Sasha fordert die schöne Medallien-Gewinnerin Kyra heraus. Um sich für Kyra aufzuwärmen, macht Sasha zuerst gegen Antscha ein Duell. Am Ende gibt Antscha aber niemals auf und versucht es erneut gegen Kyra:-)))

​34. Video: Armwrestling 1 just 4€ Approx.7min./ 231MB

2 bodybuilders chalange Antscha. First Mary who is doing bodybuilding for years and than against Kyra who is professional and already won many medals. Wow... Powerfull girls))

​2 Bodybuilder fordern Antscha heraus. 1. Mary die viele Jahre ihre Muskeln trainiert und dann gegen die Medallien-Gewinnerin Kyra... Starke Mädchen:-)))

​33. Video: Aisa vs Guy Mixed 10€      Approx. 16min./ 526MB


Aisa trained a lot in the last months an now she try her power against a guy. Wow))) She is strong)) Pure guy try her best but quite little chance))))


​Aisa hat in den letzten Monaten viel trainiert und testet ihre neue Kraft gegen einen Mann. Wow, sie ist stark:-)))) Der Mann versucht sein bestes, aber er hat nicht den Hauch einer Chance:-)))

32. Video: Dragon-Lily vs. OrsiB. DWW-Style 19€ Approx. 27min./890MB

Famous Girls fight on the mat! The hungarian Orsi B and the american Dragonlily chalenge who is the better in a COMPETITIVE Dww style: only scissors and pins are allowed as submission-holds Intense fight, NO EDITED! Realtime match. they take it very serious!

​Die Ungarin Orsi B. und die Amerikianische Dragon-Lily in einem Competitive-Match im DWW-Style: Nur Scissors & Pins sind erlaubt als Aufgabegriff! Intensiver Kampf, nicht geschnitten! Beide nehmen den Kampf sehr Ernst. Es geht um Ehre und Ruhm...

31. Video: Kimbra vs. Antscha Topless-Comp. 15€ Approx. 16min./535MB

Kimbra is again on the mat!! The strong lady chalange Antscha in a FULL COMPETITIVE UNCUT movie-version! REALTIME movie! NO cheating just pure fight for the triump!

​Kimbra ist wieder auf der Matte! Die starke Lady fordert Antscha in einem Full-Competitive Kampf heraus. Ungeschnittene Versionin Echtzeit! Keine Schauspielerei, sondern ein echter harter Kampf um den Triumph!


30. Video: Aisa vs. Guy a sitting-session 15€ Approx. 16min./521MB

The lovly Aisa shows to a guy who is the boss)) Sexy film where she humiliate him with facesitting in string, scissors and smothering))) Imagine yourself in the place of guy... hmmm... i am sure you would like to be under her hard bottom)))

​Die liebenswerte Aisha zeigt einem jungen Mann wer der Chef ist. Ein sexy Film, wo sie den Kerl mit Facesitting im String demütigt, ihm die Luft raubt und in Beinscheren quält:-))) Stelle dir vor du wärst an seiner Stelle... Hmmm... Ich bin sicher dir würde es unter ihrem harten durchtrainierten Po gefallen:-))))


​29. Video: Aisa vs. Antscha Armwrestling 4€ Approx. 5min./158MB

Aisa built up new muscles in the last 3 months so she decided to chalenge with Antscha in armwrestling. Let's see who will win...


28. Video: Dragon Lily vs. Antscha Competitive-Choking 18€ 21min./710MB

Rematch between 2 famous & skilled Scene-Wrestlers. This time Dragon Lily visits Antscha in Budapest. Can she win this Choking-Match against Antscha in Antscha´s Wrestling-Studio in Budapest...? No script, full Competitive Choking-Match with lots of technic and emotions!

27.Video: Pantyhouse-Wrestling 10€ 19min./662MB FULL-HD!

2 sexy girls fight in pantyhouse without underwear) They really enjoy this game and they do it for their own fun as well as they get excited so they also play with each other"s body) hot fetish movie with a lot of facesittings scissors and close-up views) It is a delicat movie not only for Nylon lovers!

26.Video: Antscha´s Scissors 10€ 15min./501MB                                               Antscha zeigt einem glücklichen Mann wie hart ihre Scissors sind:-) Auch wenn er bereits abklopft, macht sie einfach weiter, sie genießt es einfach...                  Antscha is showing a lucky guy how strong are her scissors:-) Even he taps, she dont stop! The torture goes on and on... She only enjoy it...

25. Video: Mixed-Competitive Uncut 17€ 22min./1850MB

Ungeschnittene Version eines echten Comp.-Fights. Alles ist erlaubt und Unglaublich wie dieser Mann leiden muss, wenn Antscha ihr volles Technik Reportoire abruft...

Real-time Full-Competitive Mixed-Wrestling where all holds are allowed, including Pins! Unbelievable... This guy goes trough the hell of pain, because Antscha shows all from her technik and painfull moves she know...

24. Video: Battle of Dresses... 10€ 30min./990MB

Leona möchte Antscha ärgern und hat ein Fusball-Dress an, der Antscha garnicht gefällt... Antscha zeigt Leona im Magyorsag-Trikot, was sie davon hält...

Antscha is proudly wearing her national dress and curiously following the events of the football EC. She gets angry with Leona's choice as her opponents fun. Tries to tear off her shirt and the battle

23. Video: Execution / Die Exekution 16€ 23min./793MB

Ein Film für Fuß-Fetischisten: Mit Nahaufnahmen aus der Boden-Perspektive aus Sicht des Opfers! Eine Exekution durch Antscha´s Füße...               Foot-lovers! Here is a very close up video with a lot of ground shoots: like you were the victim! Actions from the victim's view! Feet-Exekution from Antscha´s feet...

22. Video: Scoolgirls / Schulmädchen 10€ 16min./558MB

Für die Schulmädchen-Fans: Heiße erotische Tänze und dann ein Rivalitäts-Kampf mit vielen Head-Scissors, Body-Scissors, Pins...

For the scoolgirl-fans: Hot erotic dancing and then a rival-fight with lots of Head-Scissors, Body-Scissors, Pins...

21. Video: Sitzende Session 8€                   10min./415MB

Dieses einzigartige Video zeigt dir eine private Session in gemütlicher Atmosphäre eines Hotelzimmers mit der unglaublichen Antscha die sich am ihrem Opfer mit Facesitting vergnügt.

20. Video: Sitzende Session 2 for 8€           10min./ 363MB

Wenn Leona ihre atemberaubenden Techniken mit ihren großen Brüsten ausübt, haben Opfer nichts mehr zu lachen! Dazu noch Facesitting und es wird dunkel...

19.Video: Doppelte sitzende Session 8€     10min./416MB

Doppelte Sitz-Session ist der Name dieses gemeinen Spiels für das männliche Opfer. Antscha & Leona als Team in einer sitzenden Session mit ihren schönen Kurven genießen sie es. Gute Nacht für das arme männliche Opfer!



18. Video: Mary vs. Antscha 10€           18min./ 615MB

Antscha kämpft gegen die sehr muskulöse Body-Builderin in ihrem eigenen Studio und zeigt Mary wer die Königin auf der Matte ist




17. Video: Mary vs. Asha 10€               18min./ 586MB

Mary wird mit dem Neuling Asha konfrontiert und versucht zu gewinnen in diesem echt hart geführten Competitive-Match.

16. Video: Hausarbeit 4€                          5min./259MB

Antscha erledigt zuhause ihren Haushalt. Sie putzt, Bügelt und bereitet das Essen im sexy String zu. Sehr oft ist das besondere Markenzeichen von Antscha zu sehen: Ihr wohlgeformtes Hinterteil!






15. Video: Duschen 4€                             5min./257MB

Hier könnt ihr einen Blick in Antscha´s Badezimmer werfen. Ihr seht wie sie ihren schönen muskulösen Körper duscht. Im Anschluss daran fönt sie nackt ihre Haare trocken und ihr seht ihren sehr berühmten muskulös definierten Rücken.

14. Video: Trainings Partner 4€                    5min./240MB

Antscha hat besondere Motivation wenn sie mit einer Partnerin auf der Tatami-Matte trainiert. Ihre Freundin gibt ihr Extra-Energie zum trainieren. Wenn die Körpertemperatur steigt, fühlen sie sich immer mehr zueinander hingezogen...




13. Video: Er wird benutzt 10€                     15min./499MB

Antscha dominiert ihren Sklaven in ihrem Studio zusammen mit ihrer Vollbusigen Freundin und sie hilft Antscha ihn besonders hart den Atem wegzunehmen. Zusammen sitzen sie auf ihm und beginnen sich gegenseitig heiß zu machen, während der Sklave leidet. Aber gerade das gefällt ja der Antscha, ihn so hilflos zu sehen....


12. Video: Pause... 4€                               5min./199MB

Antscha kommt nach Hause und findet ihr Sklaven-Mädchen in der selben Position vor, als wie sie die Wohnung verlassen hat: Fixiert und Hilflos! Die dominante Lady nutzt alle Vorteile dieser Situation und ihre Sklavin muss extrem lange Facesittings ertragen, zum Wohlergehen von Antscha.


11. Video: Faules Tier 4€                            5min./226MB

Was passiert, wenn du zu faul bist um deine Hausarbeit zu machen und stattdessen ein Buch liest? Speziell wenn du ein Sklavin bist...! Dieses faule Sklaven Arbeitstier wird von seiner Eigentümerin geschlagen und mit Facesitting und Beinscheren dazu erzogen, es niemals wieder zu versuchen...






10. Video: Die Trainerin  4€                         5min./191MB

Antscha benutzt ihre Freundin um sie zu trainieren härter zu werden. Aber sicherlich can sie das nicht schaffen, weil sie ist Unterwürfig. So genießen beide zusammen die Trainings-Stunde.

9. Video: Sie wird benutzt 2. Teil  4€           5min./193MB

Die lesbische und dominante Antscha kommt nach Hause und befreit ihr Sklaven-Mädchen. Wieder muss die Sklavin ihren runden Po massieren und Antscha zur Verfügung stehen für Ausgiebiges Facesitting.

8. Video: Das Casting  4€                             5min./245MB

Antscha hält Ausschau nach neuen Mädchen für ihre Wrestling-Videos. Sie prüft die Fähigkeiten wie stark sie leiden können. Vielleicht findet sie ja für sich eine persönliche "Sub" um sie immer qüalen zu können?



7. Video: Selfies 4€                                     5min./183MB

Renata ist eine gute Freundin von Antscha. Sie ist aber traurig, weil eine andere Freundin hat ihr den Mann Ausgespannt! Gut wenn man Antscha als Freundin hat... Antscha verspricht Renata das die neue Freundin des Mannes dafür leiden soll! Sie leidet erbärmlich und Antscha macht noch ein paar schöne Selfies mit dem Handy und weiß auch schon wohin die geschickt werden...

6. Video: Lady Boss  4€                               5min./198MB

Antscha entdeckte in der Personal-Akte ihres Angestellten, das er ein "Fußfetischist" ist. Das sie die Chefin ist, erpresst sie ihn damit um ihre eigenen Wünsche befriedigen zu können...






5. Video: Geheim Operation   4€                 5min./190MB

Agent "A" hat einen Gefangenen und den Auftrag ihn zu Töten, wenn er nicht alle neuen Informationen gibt. Sie legt ihm Handschellen an und erwürgt ihn unbarmherzig zu Tode...



4. Video: Rache 4€                                      5min./225MB                       

Antscha ist gekommen um Cathy´s Rache zu vollziehen. Antscha stülpt etwas über den Kopf des Mannes, legt ihm Handschellen an und startet ihr Programm was ihr viel persönlichen Spaß bereitet: Facesitting für ihr eigenes Vergnügen...

3. Video: Die Wette 4€                                 5min./233MB

Istvan glaubt an seine eigene Methode wie man im Gym Erfolgreich ist. Aber es scheint dann doch nicht genug zu sein um eine erfahrene Wrestlerin nur allein mit Kraft zu besiegen...! Wie auch immer: Er muss dafür bezahlen mit einem "Atemberaubendem" Ende zum Schluss: Facesitting!!!

2. Video: Sie wird nur benutzt... 4€         5min./185MB

Antscha kommt nach einem langen harten Arbeitstag nach Hause. Sie befreit ihr "Haustier" und zwingt sie dazu ihr zu dienen und ihren schönen Körper und die Rundungen zu massieren. Davon wird Antscha heiß und die dominate Lady setzt sich auf ihr Gesicht und genießt die Willenlosigkeit und Hilflosigkeit ihrer Sklavin, während sie sehr befriedigt ist...

1. Video: Motivations-Training 4€           5min./196MB

Antscha missbraucht ihre Freundin dafür, um ein paar Fitness-Übungen auf der Matte zu machen. Die athletische und muskulöse Vollblutamazone liebt das erotische Gewimmer und Jammern unter ihrem runden wohlgeformten Hinterteil. Die Facesitting-Actions sind echt, real und erdrückend für die Sklavin. Antscha ist das egal, denn es macht sie nur heiß...

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